The conventional wisdom is that in most cases the choice of a link function is largely a matter of taste. This blog is a link function.

One-tailed, but significant.

ongoing projects

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1Most recent: Study at CEU : experiences

Due to my new status, I’ve started a special blog that covers my MA studies from  readings and research to free-time activities. Enjoy! They were/are that extensive that no blogging is manageable.

2. Cub Midi party coverage

It started as a hobby, I became addicted. Always bring the camera, think about how it was. You can find them under the Club Midi tag. Videos on Youtube under zollertadores user. Unfortunately, I will have to pause this project, but I am absolutely sure that I will drop by. Till then, some other party coverages, but Club Midi remains the one and only electronic love.

[Logo image downloaded from:]

3. CISED site

After a great collaboration, we launched the new Cised Site. Thanks to Radu and  Nandi, who did a great job and listened to all my comments. Some online work  remains!

4. …


Written by zoller

May 30, 2007 at 8:44 am

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