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Last two weeks just went by with too much to mention. Last couple of days back home were very nice at nice places, with nice people. Discussing about everything. Shooping was done, and thanks to Colt and the driver we arrived to Budapest. Fist stop: Burger King.

On the way, listened to electronic music, mainly Paul Ritch and Richie Hawtin

Two major changes happened that could be important for the online activity as well:

  1. Switched to Google Chrome. I liked and like Firefox, but Google just owns me now. First few days were full of problems, but the new browser works really well now. Dear Mozilla, I am still using and enjoying Thunderbird, so I am not completely lost. But Google owns me. And another billion.
  2. Marvin (my laptop) sleeps back home, in his bed. Wilhelm the Second is my new laptop. Got it, works fine. Marvin, you will remain my first love, but you got outnumbered by Giga and MegaHZ. Got an external hard-drive, so I am really tooled up.
Moved to Budapest. CEU related stuff can be found on the new blog, but you can just check the feeds from here as well. The new blog is on Google owns me.
After a few weeks of work with Bogyo, the CISED site is finished. Definitely an upgrade, and I am proud of it. Really enjoyed working on it.
But life is coming back. 

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September 14, 2008 at 7:10 pm

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