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Maresh&Co@Releu Sessions

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It was “the party here, at home”. I mentioned it earlier, did not go on the last 3 parties [various problems]. But we went this time. A crucial time. A crucial time for not a review, short stories and videos.

Location: far far away. On the top of the hill. Excellent view. Harsh conditions to get there. 2 tents. Obviously against the rain. Otherwise, two ugly and useless tent [as one of the party-mapper colleague said]. Uneven terrain [as the other party-mapper said] that makes you tired. But come on, it’s an open air party. Oh, and really cold. Where to sit?

Music: Loud, but loud enough just for the tents and close areas. Not really clear, but come on: open air party. Maresh + Techno/Minimal Tech = very very good. Good to here Len Faki’s hit [death by house]. Overall, very good music with few minimal beats. Very few. Afterwards: tech house, progressive, house. Not for me/us. Really not into this style, so it killed the party for me. Just personal taste issues. But 80% of the people left somewhere around 5 AM. I thought it would last longer. Cold, tired. And if I am mean: tech house.

Long way home: very good.

Prices: lower than Cluj – but still. I think decent. Maybe the beer was too expensive. But I don’t drink beer.

Mixed feelings – why?

  1. Too much “reflections”.
  2. We had one of the best times in the city before the party. It was a pleasure to be there and a though decision to leave that party. I heard that everything went well there as well. That part of the evening was even better – with all the “highway pinches” and “horse riding”. Igen igen, nagyon jo volt!
  3. 2,5 hours of good techno. Very OK people.
  4. Not Midi [congratulations for the new flashy-clubby site!!!], but a happening.
  5. I was a bit tired, so had coffee, energy drink and coke as well. Could not sleep.

Overall: Recommend if you like this type of music. So far, the best experience in Oradea – something like the bar “Pussy” was.

Don’t forget the previous post with the [trippin]:[the_cave] video and the mixes to download.

Download the mixes – click on the name:

1. []

2. []

And the videos from the Releu Session – good sound, a bit dark:



Written by zoller

August 31, 2008 at 9:34 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I think your comments were a little bit too harsh, after all it’s an open air event. Overall it was a nice party, even though it ended kinda early, maybe because the cold or the afterparty with maresh in a different location, convinced the people to leave early, personally I left before 4 am :D


    September 4, 2008 at 5:04 pm

  2. Yes, maybe too harsh. I am used to this kind of parties that last till 7-8 o’clock. Sad that we did not know about the afterparty, although “some guys” in a CV car [hm] were asking about the Dali Club.

    You are right: nice open air party.


    September 4, 2008 at 5:12 pm

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