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Music&Video: The Cave and Mixes

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After a long period of processing, the series of post-vacation posts begins. All of them has a bit of explanation [to whom, I don’t know], why so late. Other projects will be launched next week, all of them serving as explanation for the low online activity.


  1. [trippin]:[the_cave]: Greece Video with selected music.
  2. Extracurricular mixes. Two self-made attempts available for download.

1. [trippin]:[the_cave]

10 min video, re-worked with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 and added a personal touch with the music. It was excellent – Mani Cave – highly recommended. And freaky as well, sitting in a boat and the driver telling you that the water is 90M deep.

Tracklist: Laurent Garnier – Greed (Avril Radio Mix), Audiofly – Below the Surface, Jamie Jones – The Capsule, Dan Ghenacia – Garden, Ruede Hagelstein – Der Kammblaser, Gabriel Ananda – Lamakova [out].

2. Extracurricular mixes

This part is full with disclaimers and 2 hours of electronic music. Just start the download and read the disclaimer. That will be fine.

Download the mixes – click on the name:

1. []

2. []


  1. I’m not a wannabe DJ, there are people with talent, skills, technology and time. They should do this. I was just curios to see how would a mix look like.
  2. I have a poor laptop with poor sound card [on board], no midi-tap, no nothing. So, sometimes the quality could be better.
  3. These are done by curiosity and trial and error. Just trial, I hope. No tech support, reading, or anything, so please be gentle when commenting.
  4. One year, better equipment, 100 ebooks and a lots of time would make these mixes much much better.
  5. The problem: it’s not a priority, i do not have time. But…
  6. Both mixes follow a “party-logic”, not a “listen it at home” logic. At least, this is how I see the party dynamics.
  7. Alternative mixes, featuring tracks that I like from a different perception.
  8. Both have 2-3 minor errors, sorry.
  9. ANY FEEDBACK IS MORE THAN WELCOMED – in comments, mail, messenger. It would be nice and healthy!
  10. Zipped files, with tracklists. Nota bene: considering this “Youtube treasure hunt” [please please, what is the name of the track played at …] I’ve “forgot” one track from both mixes. You find the track, and you are right=you are good.
  11. Ahh, it’s mostly TECHNO.
  12. ENJOY!


Written by zoller

August 30, 2008 at 2:43 pm

3 Responses

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  1. [trippin]:[the_cave] is simply lovely: good choice of music, some of the effects therein do convey this creepy claustrophobic feeling.


    August 31, 2008 at 3:02 pm

  2. And it comes from a ottoman-lover. This makes it even more valuable.



    August 31, 2008 at 5:33 pm

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