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Right here!

  • Masters Dissertation ready, printed! Not a big thing, but I hope it will be in correlation with the quality got from this masters. Or even better!
  • Exams end tomorrow. Strong and stronger. Ego sum “piar manager” – for some students PR Manager is piar manager. But some were great! The rest: September.
  • European Championship reached second stage: GO GO GERMANY and THE NETHERLANDS!
  • For two days I’m using Firefox 3. I used the beta version that had some problems, but this one works great. Proud to contribute in the record!
  • Switched everything to RSS Feeds, world domination from from Thunderbird. Became a super fan of Mozilla and Google! And the sync between them!
  • Had some excellent Belgian beers! Recommend: Duvel.
  • Followed the campaign rally and I am a bit disappointed. Maybe in politics in general!
  • Hope to relaunch the CISED web-page soon!
  • Got the present to my cousin. It’s purple!
  • I’m beginning to like melons.


Written by zoller

June 19, 2008 at 2:59 pm

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