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Sis&Nick Curly (Cecille Night)@Club Midi

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Disclaimer: Yet again, not a review.

Probably our last party in Club Midi. No, no. No opinion change, but we are leaving Cluj-Napoca. Last night we had Sis and Nick Curly in Club Midi – it was a Cecille Night. We arrived early, the club was almost empty. Arrived early to pick up the invitation won on Clujlife. Just after 2 cigarettes, Cecille Records arrived. Put the stuff down and grab a drink. But not just Sis and Nick curly came. 3 other people, let’s just name them “the crew”. Found one of the guys on the net, V for Volkan. Experimental music, I think he is Cecille as well.

So, they just chilled. Sis almost fell asleep. Set started at 2 AM. Warm-up: Mihigh. For the first time I observed the good warm-ups at the Dario Zenker party. From there on, the warm-up sets are getting even better: congratulations.

They started at 2 AM sharp – German precision, huhh?. Sis set, Nick Curly set and a back 2 back set for the end. On the Sis page you can find “house, techno, folk”. It was folky indeed. This is not a bad thing, very danceable-superparty-clap set that created a nice setting. A bit too dancy for my taste, but we danced. Folky. Not a too long set, but even better came afterward. Nick Curly had a much more aggressive, harsh and deep set, but maintained the dance possibilities. He was the more serious guy, using VINYL, which we love and respect. The crew was up, party party. They really seemed to enjoy it.

Then came the back 2 back. They mixed together, “interesting” changes, but they did great work. They seemed to enjoy it. In a moment we said that they are fucking with us. Why? Coz they mixed this: Mory Kante – Yeke Yeke. Came out good. This is folk, huh?

The music was a bit simple (not negative), party-oriented. Nick Curly convinced me much more, but Sis was the partyface. Tried (sealed the deal?) to hook up with a girl, danced in the crowd, did the indian thing, sunglasses, pictures etc etc. Nick Curly convinced me much more.

Negative part: the crew was on treasure hunt (the only thing that interested them was where is the treasure), they thought we know shit about their music (the crew thought this – Holly Bolly, Orgsa…Wow, you know these songs). A short dialogue in the WC:

– Is this for the hand or for to piss in?

– For the hand and head.

– Ok, ok. I’m first time here.

– Yeah, coz you are Sis.

– Yeah.

A very good party, but not the best. Maybe the problem was with us. Something just did not click there. But thinking about it: it clicked, because we danced for 4 hours. Dawn caught us, so had the great walk home. Thanks!

Pictures and videos below:

Before the party – Sis and Nick. Same shit in the moves.

Geek (Sis).

My father would love the hair!

Now see? That is better.

The Crew – The man with the questions. OK?

Nicko can be geek as well.

Loose precision.


Back2Back. For real!

No, it’s mine! Noooo, it’s mine!

And the videos (decent quality, people!):


Sis: In the Mix.

Sis: We love the classics, bolly?

Nick Curly: In the Mix.

Back2Back: DP.

Back2Back: Playing Sis-Orgsa.

Further pictures and videos on: ClujLife.



Written by zoller

June 8, 2008 at 1:45 pm

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  2. hello

    im a resident of club midi, i like the blog u wrote about club midi, could we contact by mail to change some words? my mail



    July 1, 2008 at 9:51 am

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