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UPDATE: Scarlett Etienne@Club Midi (24 May 2008)

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UPDATE: here you have a little compilation. Had to do this to avoid the bad sound quality.

Disclaimer: Yet again – not a review.

Scarlett Etienne@Club Midi – the return

We arrived a bit early and the club was basically empty. Early meaning midnight. Tried to figure it out what parallel party could be, but we had no idea. The visuals were good (of course, after the Finlandia promotion part) – happy to see the Pokemons on the wall.

Warm-up: unfortunately I do not know the names, but it was a very good set. Initially I thought that the guy with the white T-shirt (and the girl on it) is some kind of a promoter or owner or manager or something, but he went on the decks yesterday. Catchy set, a bit too long, because they were waiting for the people. Scarlett tech-check, red Apple finds it’s connections – by the way, Norbert you were right!

People: the number is increasing, but still only half of the room is full (or even less). We couldn’t care less, because this means air, less smoke and more room for us. The majority came for the music (the traditional 25 percent of outsiders dropped to 8 percent), and this was a good sign. So, we were happy because of the reduced number of participants, but yet again: what is the DJ’s perception on this? Does it change your set when there are less people? Does it demoralize?

Scarlett Etienne: started a bit late (after 2 AM), no fancy intros (like Mr Lawler) just kickin’. We liked the set and sometimes we had this strange feeling: better than Sven was. What did you say? Yes yes. Exactly when? When she put on Gel Abril – Your face is a Mess – i think it was the Mark Broom Remix. Omulpefaza, hallod ezt? At 5 AM i was a bit tired, but I got convinced to stay (Pappa came exactly after this intermezzo). And it was the best decision. Really hard last part with even less people, but they knew what to do with the music.  Maybe Innersphere aka Shinedoe – Phunk… Am I right? Opened the club door and the sun was shining. Got home at 7 AM.

What else happened? After a bit of hesitating, a picture. Thanks for pushing me, and thanks for the picture. Ahh, I almost forgot. The last two parties were blind-shooting, the digital display on the camera is fucked. But it did great! Sorry for the inconvenience with the “shooting”.

Overall: no drinking, no more thoughts about which was the best party. Really enjoyed it. It was a retirement party, maybe the last one here in Cluj and in Midi. Well done! For everybody.

You can find below a small selection of pictures (following the pattern) – videos later, in the update:


Told ya: Everything starts with the T-shirts.

Chicks on T-shirts.



Oh snap!

Oh, my face is a mess. Self-irony.

UPDATE: Some pictures and good quality videos on [here].

UPDATE 2: one video here as well – need few days for the others:

Warm-up, part one!



Written by zoller

May 25, 2008 at 12:49 pm

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  1. Respect, luckyface!


    May 25, 2008 at 8:40 pm

  2. And lucky ears!


    May 25, 2008 at 8:46 pm

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