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UPDATE: Sven Vath in Cluj-Napoca

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The nicely announced Sven Vath live gig seems to have serious organizing problems. There is no promotion, no posters, nothing. Google sends visitors on this blog, because I’ve published something about this event.

17 May, 2008 – Sven Vath@Cluj-Napoca.

Location: Most of the online information tells us that the event will be in some Heineken/Krystal Tent in the Polus Center Mall Parking. Rumor has it that there will be something in the Obsession Club, but I don’t know nothing about that. Rumor somehow confirmed: after the gig in the Heineken Tent he may play in the Obsession (another 20 RON, unofficial information). I don’t really know where the real party will be.

Tickets: 20 RON (till 17 May) and 30 RON at the event. You can make reservations, but it’s hard. We could not get an answer. And what reservations? Tickets at the Obsession Club, but watch out, just before 16 PM.

Entrance: 21h.

Warm-up: Chris Tietjen – he is good, man!

So, the organizing part sucks bigtime. I hope this is just a problem, not a sign. Some local publications state that there will be a back2back with the Heineken Music Thirst DJ competition winner, some publications tell us that this will be a launch of the Eight Season Album. SO, WTF?!

All due respect to the contest, I’m interested in something else.

Here is a selection of what am I interested in (considered: Songs of the Eight Season, Youtube videos and gigs, interviews – no special order):

  1. Pepe Bradock – Rhapsody in Pain [on tube]
  2. Tolga Fidan – Tanbulistan
  3. Alter Ego -Why not? [on tube]
  4. The Amazing – Quest-ce vous voulez [on tube] or [on tube 2]
  5. Supermayer – Two of Us (extended album version) [on tube]
  6. Italoboyz – Viktor Casanova (original mix) [on tube]
  7. Steve Rachmad –  Moog On Acid [on tube(5th song)]
  8. Solid Groove – This is sick [on tube]
  9. Dj Ronaldo a.k.a The Aztec Mystic – Jaguar/Knights of the Jaguar (original mix/Lawrence Bureden radio edit) [on tube]
  10. Lucio Aquilina – Magic M [on tube]
  11. Extrawelt – Titelheld [on tube]
  12. Auidon – Mouth to Mouth [on tube]
  13. Would be nice for the sake of the place: Petre Inspirescu a.k.a Pedro – Racakadoom
  14. And some dave clarke, argy, john spring, wassermann blablabla…

P.S: The reservation number beeps back. Nice! I don’t want to curse now!

Zee: annoyed as hell!

Written by zoller

May 15, 2008 at 8:03 pm

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