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Sven Vath in Cluj-Napoca

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UPDATE: FULL PARTY DETAILS here (15 May, 2008).

Well, yes. Recently seen a spot and we checked on the official website.

Heineken Music Thirst brings us Sven Vath on the 17th of May, Cluj-Napoca. I did this PR mentioning, because it’s a good effort. I won’t drink more Heineken though.

(via Residentadvisor)

Maybe he is not the best or the biggest technical genius, but you got to give him some credit. Grandpa Sven – musically speaking, comes to Cluj, and I am sure that he did not google how to make a party (and no search on wikipedia as well). So, looking forward.

What is the competition? John Digweed@Heaven, Timisoara. So, Norberto Grosso: if you reading this, think twice!

The bet is on:

1. There will be Heineken beer (exclusively) around 5 RON.

2. It won’t be a tribal techno set (unfortunately).

3. We will hear Extrawelt – Titelheld.

Don’t forget: Scarlett Etienne and Simon Baker return to Club Midi.

UPDATE: Seemingly, Obsession (the club) has something to do with this party. I’ve got this info from the Romanian Club Zone’s last edition. Btw, they played the Gel Abril song mentioned in the previous post.  Nice Zabiela and Burridge coverage. So, officially: it’s on!



Written by zoller

May 4, 2008 at 9:38 am

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