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Funny Games U.S. (2007)

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Written and directed: Michael Haneke (remake)

“To preserve moral decency” – Paul

It was a controversial movie. A controversial movie on a personal level as well, but let’s not mention this aspect. I’ve waited for it quite long. I am a Naomi Watts fan and the original was extremely good.

Just a few words: ironic, self-ironic, aggressive and of course funny. A must! Enjoy!

Review continues but as it may contain spoilers, here is the off topic and the question:


Sports: don’t forget that we have 2 weeks of quality snooker (sorry Matthew) on Eurosport.

Food: today I had the best desert of my life. Mhmmmm!


Dear readers, please help in my pain. Could you please mention in a comment AN ANIMAL THAT HAS HAIR IN its nose?! Thanks.

– cont – Disclaimer: Maybe spoiler.

Highly ironic movie, so maybe the rumors were true and Haneke did it for fun. Good quotes and sentimental terror. The discussions with the spectator show the real social disappointment (scorn) and the dialogue about the reason (why?) covers some answers about my relationship to violence. As previously mentioned, I like movies about violence and aggression if they show us the manifestation, and afterwards I can contemplate on the “why”. Nobody is so important that he/she could not be killed. This shows us the “how”.

But not completely. This makes it interesting. It’s like cursing with “flowers, happiness and health”. The act of killing is barely shown. The road to killing is barely shown. It’s a funny game! A mainstream game, but a game.


Written by zoller

April 20, 2008 at 7:34 pm

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  1. hey,

    sorry, no idea about the animal with hair IN its nose… i may ask why?! ;)
    i will watch this movie though!

    btw1. i was also very disappointed about “vantage point” in german the title was “8 blickwinkel” 8?!?

    btw2. although i’m a huge fan of wes anderson, you can’t even compare “the darjeeling limited” with “the royal tenenbaums”…

    greets, petra


    April 21, 2008 at 6:21 pm

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