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Vantage Point (2008) and SP

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We watched this movie because it was on the hard-drive. Well, and I don’t care if you consider it a spoiler – because I hope you won’t watch it ever, it wasn’t a real dissapointment because the expectations were quite low. But even so, this movie underachieved seriously. 8 points of view, my ass! Just three and then a classical action movie, where the brave American (disturbed) soldier cathes the islamic looking Morrocan badassmotherfuckers. Wooow, what a twist! No kidding. No joke: this movie REALLY sucks. Huge problems with the plot and huge mistakes in the part of production. You know the bad guys and you do not need this point of view shit to figure it out what happened/will happen.

And I am really tired to see the very bad terrorist, who kills and bombs everybody/everything and stops when a little girl is on the road. During the escape. Please, reconsider the plot and don’t produce movies like this! The content aspects are part of the traditional USwearethebest paradigm, but it does not bother. Well, yes it is! So: highly timeconsuming – nishnish, no no, never ever!

South Park, episode six: it is about us. Completely agree. Sick aspect: while watching the episode the internet stoped. Excellent episode!

PS: don’t forget the Loco Dice party in Club Midi!



Written by zoller

April 17, 2008 at 6:16 pm

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