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One-tailed, but significant.

Steve Lawler@Midi

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Disclaimer: This is not a review. I don’t have pictures and videos. Ok, we have some, but they won’t be published this time. It is just a personal opinion about a party. A heavy party. So, if you want videos and pictures, you may be interested in this link (Radu Neag’s blog).

So, the Party – A Pioneering DJ Artist, Steve Lawler

It’s hard to write about this party, because it was somehow special. I will start with admitting that technically/musically it was the BEST party so far. Not just the monitors on the podium, the “semi-podcast”, the content (mixes), and the visuals – but the overall sound. I can now understand why everybody is so “positive” about Mr Lawler in interviews or common projects.

But still, some impressions: excellent warm-up in an overpopulated club. Unfortunately, the crowd was huge. Unfortunately for us, not for the club owner or Mr Lawler. It was the first party where the air-conditioning system was a bit overwhelmed.

Before the party, there’s always the what to wear question. Shoes matter as well. The height, the casual or sport line, and everything else. In this case, it was a bit unnecessary. Mr Lawler’s appearance made me clear, he is not that tall. I am mentioning this aspect, because it is an impression, not because I consider it a problem. In the first minutes of the intro, 9 people were on the DJ boot. Hmm, taking credit? Of course. This time, it was absolutely OK, because it was a huge event. So, warm-up, technician, owner, promoter, girls and boys: yes, you should take credit for this event.

The confetti sucked. In my beer, in my neck. Really. The visuals and the intro itself were extraordinary, so no need for the “prom” attitude.

The music: as we mentioned during the party “he is a professional”. No real interaction with the crowd, no smoking, no drinking. Fuck me, it’s a full-time job. But the set was enough to create an excellent setting in the club. So, although low reaction, high quality of music. Deep, bass, rough, harsh. Love it. We talked too much during this party. Mostly listened to the music.

This made it special. And of course, the initial project for this blog post was an open letter, like:

Dear Mr Lawler,

Do you really think that we don’t have to work on Saturdays? Do you really think that we don’t have people waiting for us at home (in bed)? Why such a great party then? …

But the post changed. It was an observed party. Not a lived party. The moments with Green Velvet and the headphones in the air – those were lived. The rest, observed. Mr Lawler is a Pioneering DJ Artist. A music-man, not just a party man.

Thanks for the music. I hope there were no star-allures. Fine technician. Excellent set. Professional.



Written by zoller

April 14, 2008 at 12:24 pm

3 Responses

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  1. cool “review” :)

    Dear Mr Lawler,

    Do you really think that we don’t have to work on Saturdays? Do you really think that we don’t have people waiting for us at home (in bed)? Why such a great party then? …

    this is great


    April 14, 2008 at 3:35 pm

  2. And we worked on Saturday. NOT.



    April 14, 2008 at 7:27 pm

  3. […] Etienne: started a bit late (after 2 AM), no fancy intros (like Mr Lawler) just kickin’. We liked the set and sometimes we had this strange feeling: better than Sven […]

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