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Wu Xing, Cluj-Napoca

Recently, I’ve seen a presentation of this company. It was on The Money Channel and unfortunately I don’t like this channel. So, I do not trust these presentations, because I consider that they are payed advertising. This made me to fall asleep. Just a few days after this presentation, a friend of mine tried the Wu Xing Chinese home delivery and he was very satisfied with the service. And we don’t order anymore from Pizzacezar (50% chance to eat good pizza, expensive, lame service, just regular fuckups), so why not?!

Friday, 7 45 PM the decision is taken. Let’s try it! 3 minutes = account creation. 2 minutes=selecting food. Ordering! 3 minutes and the phone rings=confirmation. Kind young lady, Diana.

Friday, 8 25 PM – the food arrives. Hot, fresh, nice packaging. Obviously, they went for this American movie feeling. Stylish boxes that don’t get crappy.

Friday, 9 PM – digest!

So, it is fast and really client oriented. First time that everybody introduces her/himself. Advertising materials everywhere, menus and cutlery. The food is very good, you can taste the vegetables. It’s good even the next day (surely, Microwaves). The company is based in Bucharest, but they opened a franchise system and this is why we could eat something here.

Pros (remember, just 1 order and they are in the beginning):

  1. Kind, professional, fast service.
  2. Variety of products, even desserts.
  3. “Hollywood” feeling, nice packaging.
  4. Tasty and fresh food, good meat and vegetables.
  5. Good website and finally, good English website.
  6. Average prices for drinks (die, Pizzacezar, die!)


  1. Relatively high prices (emphasis: relatively), but I consider it’s not that expensive and it’s worth it (1 soup, 12 pork spring rolls, chicken five colors = 14 EUR with tip).
  2. Expensive rice – if you have 15 minutes, do-it-yourself.
  3. Still need the phone for confirmation.
  4. One, a bit burnt spring roll.
  5. It is just the beginning, so what will happen when the number of orders increases significantly?

All-and-all: Highly recommend!



Written by zoller

March 30, 2008 at 11:46 am

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