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Due to some deadlines I had to be more than offline this week. Extra preparation and thematic expansion was needed by a seminar, so I did this work. It is pretty interesting to work and expand the Gerbner and Westley&Maclean communication models when the news present the presidential attacks launched against the press and mass media. It is similar to cooking and watching cooking shows. Eating the result always prevails. I feel an inner urge to comment on this act, but as a protest, I won’t do it. It’s nothing new, just annoying.

Research needs put me to re-read and deepen the methodological framework, so I am full of variables, non-metric data and statistical control. At this stage, the Romanian higher education system shows its real weaknesses, and generates a “no-party-weekend”, although the presence of Miss Jools was a very tempting offer to screw research. But no, it did not happen. An interesting fact on the Miss Jools’s official website: Midi Club-Romania-Roma. Hmmm…..

But still, I had the opportunity to try Bavaria Beer. Yeap, dutch! Shame on Bayern (for Cottbus, of course).



Written by zoller

March 16, 2008 at 4:08 pm

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