The conventional wisdom is that in most cases the choice of a link function is largely a matter of taste. This blog is a link function.

One-tailed, but significant.

home and “Manna” launch

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After a bit of informatics, I managed to set the https protocol on my mobile connection, so I am writing from home. It is good to be home and the weather is exceptional.

Somebody stole a thuja (little tree) from our neighbor and he got very creative. He left a note for the thief and it sound like this: You thief! If you steal again, I will catch you!

Haha…Communication rules. Here is a pic, only mobile.


And the most important: Officially is up and running! The “” project is working and this means that all the political content will be moved to the corporate blog, only in Hungarian.

My blog is: Targetto – Political Slaughterhouse! Enjoy!


PS: Hail for the Oscars, well done Coens!



Written by zoller

February 25, 2008 at 1:44 pm

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