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1. Mr. Brooks 2007


I hate Kevin Costner, he is my Harrison Ford. He is the Postman, the Bodyguard, the Waterworld, and screw the wolves. But his character was very good. Not that complex, but with some special twists. This is why I could relate to this character. Not properly, because I am not that evil or sick (yet), but my facebook profile says that I am 100% Evil. So, my empathy level was somewhere around 3, which is extraordinary, because my daily level tends to zero. (disclaimer: maybe spoiler, you gourmands) I understand that this  situation is not even similar to Christian Bale as Mr Bateman (socially and psychologically), but that is the benchmark. Don’t misunderstand me, I recommend this movie! These crisis movies never end…Opened for discussion or just incapable storytelling, I never know.

2. 4 months, 3 weeks & 2 days (2007)


It is not excellent, but I felt something. Not pity. I was angry, I hated some characters. And it grew. So, it was good. Wasn’t that shocking, it was that static-dramatic category that I can easily recommend. Liked the directing and some shots were brilliant. Although, I prefer Oldboy as Cannes winner, but this is a great effort. Definitely worth watching!


Written by zoller

January 29, 2008 at 9:07 pm

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