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let’s get this party started

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2 minutes ago: Mr President started the proper campaign. 8 Ministers will go, dooooown. and dooown again, az Pablo Fransisco said. And the Metallica: Kill’em All!

I’ve finished correcting and grading: sad, but it is ours. Plagiarism still a problem, and “we did not know about it” argument still rules the world. I slept more than 8 ours today and this could be considered as a record. The average grades are below 3 (and somewhere around 4 for the other year). Yeap, 10 is the maximum. Me not being mean. Just realistic.

Further blogchanges will appear, but just in february. Projects, research, exams and poker rule the world, ’till the upcoming weekend parties. Less politics, more other stuff. It is hard to find a good cap, or something like this. Branded ones even harder.

Nonetheless, this semester was OK, sometimes it was a real pleasure to work with students and sometimes they worked well. This end period downstream is absolutely normal, I guess…No hope for vendetta and I have to sneeze much more silently.

Hope that my white Zara shirt arrives today, because the black tie is loosing its patience.


Written by zoller

January 16, 2008 at 3:16 pm

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