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Well, long vacation home with mobile internet that fights against https/password sending, so no update, but it was very nice and relaxing.

The mobile/office collection is finished: Nokia 6120 (Vodafone), Nokia 6300 (Orange), HP RX 1950 (Palm), Panasonic Lumix FZ8K (excellent) and my classic laptop, Marvin. A friend and family member, but he will be changed this year to a nice little Mac or a 12.1 Dell/Vaio. But he will still be a family member – back home, doing office duties. For the latest acquisition (6120) I am really grateful to Jancsi and his O2 Flat-rate. It is complete!

Plagiarism: still a thing that generates the “I didn’t know that I shouldn’t do it” student response. Well, you shouldn’t fucking do it!

Participation increased in the participation research project proposal and Sunday mornings in the city at a coffee has their own charm. It is really good.

Still much work to come, administrative stuff. But for the future, everything. To turn a hobby into a job, man must die first!

But: Audiofly@Midi again and Steve Lawler@Midi as well! Soon!

Two lyrics that I remember:

Miss Kittin-Frank Sinatra: ” Everynight with my star friends/ We eat caviar and drink champage/ Sniffing in the VIP area/ We talk about Frank Sinatra../ “You know Frank Sinatra?”/ He’s dead!/ HAHAHAHAHA!/ dead.” (sometimes friend-gangs work like this. Complete and obscene version HERE)

Romanthony-Never Fuck: “We are night vision/ and we are the fuel/that burnt the night time fire/ so while you sleep/ getting ready for your 9 to 5/ we are deep in the night/ to make sure what we do here/ controls what you do there/ and after all this work/ he deserves his pussy/ she deserves his dick/ he deserves his dick and/ she deserves her pussy/ and tonight: we gonna fuck!…” (complete version, SEARCH)

These songs open the Vitalic vs. Laurent Garnier&Miss Kittin live techno (hard techno with rush) mix.

A classic Vitalic for those who don’t know him:

And a video that is much better in the Tiga remix:


Written by zoller

January 7, 2008 at 10:16 pm

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