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“Everything is about sharing” – Sergiu Biris

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The last seminar of this year (not semester) was a bit special. An ex-colleague who had the best option and started his own business that became a business portfolio in seven years, was the special guest speaker on various online topics.


I’ve enjoyed it very much, hope the regular 67 students (attendance at courses) was interested and became wiser after this seminar. Question were which means at least questioning became absolutely normal. Not science, but normal behavior.


So, hereby a BIG THANKS for the excellent presentation to Sergiu Biris. Hope the portfolio (Trilulilu, WebDesign 2.0, Liverail) gets bigger and we’ll meet at another special seminar (ok ok, maybe not. but because of me wanting to leave). And don’t forget: “Everything is about sharing”. So I’ll share!


P.S: Few and shitty pics, because I forgot to take pictures, coz the presentation was cooler.


Written by zoller

December 17, 2007 at 9:00 pm

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