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prechristmas waste

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Yeap, I was really busy last 2 weeks. Unfortunately I had to prepare the last seminars, to finish the conference paper and to do my debut in the journalistic world. Not just online. And the classics: Christmas gifts. Although I was really patient there were some problems, but finally I finished the acquisitions and everything went well.

So on Saturday I looked like this:


The punk in me was sleeping together with a little flu. You may observe some similarities between me and the performance of the Romanian handball team, but that’s it. 20-30 is rough, but they were wasted as well.

On appeared one of my articles and a presidential speech analysis of mine went online and paper as well. Still waiting for the feed-back.

Lately, Springfield opened here as well, so we went shopping with nice buttons. And the first Wien presents arrived, together with Bogdan Teodorescu‘s new book. I had to pick up the book from the Grigorescu post office. So 80’s! A huge and gray building with two employees (front-office). Pathetic and useless, but I’ve got the book.


A little reindeer sat his black ass for 4 month on some banana flavored chocolate, so after a bit of sniffing, I realized what stinks near me. He was reading Foreign Policy, publication of the Adevarul Trust. It is interesting, but has severe problems in content cohesion, but I found a nice article about the real oil problem, very similar to the one I am translating now (M.A. Adelman). So, it is a worth buying publication (7,9 RON), but the Romanian part (Plesu, Dancu, Razvan-Ungureanu, Petre Roman) is still the “book-chapter type”. But The One magazine really sucks, coz I don’t know these domestic superstars and there are stupid ads in it. What can you do? Hate UPC.



Written by zoller

December 16, 2007 at 12:47 pm

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