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Spring 2008, Fashion Outlook

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When you don’t go to party on a Saturday night, obviously this happens. Using the classics,, I’ve checked out the Spring 2008 Collections. It wasn’t easy, because Mr Henry wanted to sell me a Braun shaving machine on my 10th click, and Mr. Grueber was doing a nice set on the radio, but I tried to focus.

Some remarks: my taste did not change. But… Interestingly I found a greater connection to the Marc Jacobs collection than in the past. Louis Vuitton becomes a bit boring, but considering my cycling experience, the shoes are for me! Mr Marco Madeira had a terrible position on the Valentino show, all the photos are “right wing”, but it’s not a loss. Actually, the Jean Paul Gaultier collection had 2 items that made me think that sometimes I will understand/like him. Till then, the hate remains. Oh, and the Burberry Prorsum is so not mine that I’ve checked out the Braun add.

So, some things that I liked:

Roberto Cavalli:



Ralph Lauren:




Calvin Klein:






Marc Jacobs:





But I must copy-paste here the text: “You can’t put your arms around a memory, but Franco Moschino’s torchbearers are doing their best. The late designer’s iconoclastic inclinations have been logo-fied: Here, his once-ironic peace sign showed up as a zesty fluorescent orange detail on denim”.

All of them are like this. I could kill these people. And the make-up artists do the same.

Off Topic: Header change, to support something! And 2 articles of mine (ok ok, collective, were published last week). So, Sin City!



Written by zoller

December 2, 2007 at 12:07 am

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  1. Messenger comment….

    mImi: tévedsz, louis vuitton menő lesz a darjeeling limited miatt
    zoller: az lehet, de nekem csak a cipok tetszenek!
    mImi: ez igaz!
    zoller: meg vegulis amugysem veszek
    mImi: nekem a ferences ralph lauren tetszik a legjobban
    zoller: aha, nem rosszak…
    mImi: az a fekete
    zoller: meg a marc jacobs
    zoller: az elso marc jacobs nekem nagyon bejon
    mImi: gondolkodtam, hoyg ez túl britpops-e de aszsem hülye szó erre
    mImi: a cipőt leszámítva tényleg jó
    zoller: de a ralph lauren az szinte mar ilyen oxfordos, latom meno
    mImi: jó kövér az a nigga, kb. annyira mint én
    zoller: politically correct voltam, mit szolsz? fiu es afroamerikai modell a blogon
    mImi: :)
    zoller: es ha azt mondod kover a nigga’, akkor aztan ultrakorrekt voltam
    zoller: toloszekes modellt kerestem, de az istennek sem talaltam =))
    mImi: brüno is eljátzsadozott már a gondolattal
    mImi: be is szopta a dizájner
    zoller: felteszem a blogra a messenger beszelgetesunket kommentbe, hozzajarulsz?
    Imi: hát, asetleg anonim lehetek?
    mImi: vagy finomutalásképpen


    December 2, 2007 at 12:21 am

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