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Exit polls came out, the biggest surprise: PRM, Jiji.

The communicated election presence is sad, but everybody knew it. UDMR and Tokes did the most that was possible. Or the impossible. The mass mobilization of the Hungarian voters did this. A massive presence killed the statistics, so everything seems OK.

PD+PLD did what I meant for PD in the previous post. PNL did well and the rural voters came out in a bigger number, so PSD did better than expected.

Later updates and comments will come, but analysis is more important.

As for the referendum. Nothing new, it was clear.

Hereby I will publish an action of protest of mine. It is against the question, against all that did not happen and against all the political capital that was generated by this question. It is a plagiarism. Deo has this project: showing the finger to the biggest baroque buildings. This question was  a baroque institution. So, here we go (sorry for the quality, but it wasn’t easy):


P.S.: Vadim down. I am waiting for Voiculescu (not even close to 7%) and Jiji. Please please please.

Written by zoller

November 25, 2007 at 9:30 pm

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