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Well, here I am. Almost 6 o’clock AM. So I am home and healthy.

We had to stay in a line to get in. But afterwards it was OK. More than OK, excellent. These guys know what to do or what not. They were begging for cigarettes from the girls. And they had success. Fur and V-neck T-shirts rule the world. The British world. Some beers and Jaeger and all went well. I loved it. Hereby, appologies to Norbert, who had to wait for me.


Well, on the video projector was “intamplari adevarate”. If it is like this, it is OK. But the real meaning is weak for this club. Afterwards nice video projection, kinda enjoyed it. Much. Like the whole party. But the purple “intamplari adevarate” was weak for God sake. I met an ex-student of mine. It was OK.

I had to flirt with some girls in the first line and afterwards with the barwoman. Not real flirting, but being nice. But, I’ve got it and nothing else matters. They are not so splendid, but first burnt the paper. Just afterwards signed it. So they’ve learned. But the message is weak again, for 2 cigarettes. Just for kindness. Nothing else. We left at 5. And they still had something left. I liked it, because they liked it. Better upgrades only when youtube hosts the videos.

Till then, my fight. And my results. And I am the only one. I did it! Without being upset or drunk.


Hail for me and for the other Midi parties. I had nothing to put on my wall. Now, I have something. Something unique. Tze Germans are coming over in December. Watch out Jaegermeister and Corona. And we saw kissing girls. The boys trying to get them were shocked. Nice “ablenkung”. Sit there and watch!!!

UPDATE: Here you can find 7 videos. Audiofly@Midi.


Written by zoller

November 18, 2007 at 5:40 am

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