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I am mentioning the review style because of the very OK spirit that I had during the first party in Club Midi (yesterday). Although, I won’t respect the rules of this kind of discourse.

The club is near the Ursus factory, it is a bigger one and definitely upper-middle to premium positioned club. First, the advertising remarks: blogs, electro fans and the Outwear Coffee and Clothing. This cross promotion goes that far that the party entrance (fee 15 RON before 12 pm and 30 after, no consumption included) bracelets are Outwear labeled. Of course, Peroni is present as well, all the T-shirts and even the checkroom card is Peroni branded.

It is full of security, but they seem to be the normal ones. Not Harvard graduates with PhD in social behavior or social psychology, but still. And one guy had Everlast T-shirt. Yes yes, the boxing brand. Nice touch. So, it is a safe place with a horde of waitresses and barmen who do a good job. Fast cleaning (scary bussers), napkin for your drink, ice without asking and average (upper-middle or premium) prices. Of course, only 0.33 beers are available, but common, minimal party, minimalistic design and minimalistic drinks.


(Photos: Aida Ilie)

So, the design: minimalistic, hard shapes, nice white. Full with visual effects, led and several projectors. The video projections follow the music and the mood, but after a while they repeat. But, if you can observe that they are repeated you aren’t enjoying the party, so go home and screw you! The interestingly placed lights are helping the mood creation process and they work well.


Sound quality: exceptional. It moves your nose, hair and tummy, but you can talk and the sound is really clear. So, no wonder why they advertised the club based on the sound system that could be compared to Amnesia or Cocoon (experts know these places). The music was minimal tech or elector minimal with RPR, aka Rhadoo, Pedro and Reresh. All this happened in the mainroom. Backroom closed, but if you want to hang out there, get a couple of friends and they open it for you. And close it, if you need privacy. They put music together, I think following the next principle: I start and let us see what you can do with this. The collective effort was very good.


Design again: I like constructions. Ideas that are closed. Ideas that are reflected even in the smallest detail. And the bathroom is the concluding act of a club’s design strategy. A ++ for this bathroom. Aluminum, mirrors and central sprinklers from the ceiling. 5-6 sprinklers to wash your hand, foam soap and instant cleaning. Reflexive and self healing.

And now, the crucial point: GUESTS.

Well, hmmmm….To “fitze” or no to “fitze”. An excellent Romanian term for show-off. Yes, here are people with “fitze”. But they leave at 2 am or get sufficiently drunk till that hour in order to feel good. Who stays, stays for the music. It is not disturbing, but is a fact. We all know that the people who like this music are not always the richest, so no exclusive club will rise tomorrow. But the dialogues heard outside were hilarious, so thank you for the 18000 W. Jesus, I thought if you like something, you are interested in it, so maybe you read something more in your life than Libertatea. But these individuals are pretty unfamiliar with thinking, behaving, formulating sentences or reading. Sickooo! As a friend told me, the owners have a daddy, who owns the only Mclaren Mercedes in Cluj. So, it is not surprising. The club is opened only on Fridays and Saturdays. God knows how much longer will it survive, considering the 500000 EUR investment.


(via Radu)

Air condition works well and the standing ashtrays are really useful for smokers.

Conclusion: like it, like it. Mostly for the music and feeling. Not for the people. But we can live with it, don’t we! I recommend the place for electro lovers or Benz owners. Was the first time, but definitely not the last. Oscar has competition. But there is the house party feeling.

P.S.: pictures and video not from the party I’ve attended. From the opening party. No official site yet.


Written by zoller

November 10, 2007 at 3:55 pm

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