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congratulations feat Andreea&Mircea

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We went to a wedding. I hate weddings in general, but this one was extremely good. College friend, Medias, Pension.


Superb location, excellent food, excellent timing and performances (that I do not like, coz not my style, but from an event management perspective, they were very good), nice and natural people who came to enjoy the party.


Lt. Daniels, Campari, Jidvei Cognac, Beer, Wine and everything, and perfect food. Good aperitif, wonderful chicken and fish, but I was killed in that moment. Digestively speaking.


Up-and-down age music mix that worked fair enough. And after the March of the Penguins, we had the March of the Steak, March of the Soup etc. But that was funny. Good and kind waitresses, always peeking what to bring to refill.

So, it was a 9,5 wedding…9,5 not 10, because someone was missing:



Congratulations again to Andreea and Mircea for the wedding!


Written by zoller

November 4, 2007 at 1:26 pm

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