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POLITICS: nothing new, referendum. It is an excellent way to fuck up a basically good thing, but in order to be there and campaign for the Democratic Party everything is cool. But now, it is official. I wonder how many common topics there will be? None, of course.

FOOTBALL: yeah right, beating Sevilla. Right right. And maybe Arsenal, at home. Which Arsenal? The one that beat the crap out of Praga (7-0). Hahahaahaaaaaa, as Mr JIJI would say.

F1: Raikonnen rules, Mclaren sucks balls!

Extra: two little tubes, where the electro genius is “clean” cut, no drugs, no drinking, no making out with men (Richie Hawtin, who is bf of Dj Magda, and Sven has wife, children [or as Bush would say, childrens] and mushrooms). But still, the music is music! And this one could not be embedded!

P.S. maybe some find some resemblance with the inner circle. Ouu Ouu Ouu.


Written by zoller

October 24, 2007 at 2:06 pm

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