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consumers alert – rotten mall!

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I just wanted milk and coke. But what I saw was more. And I did not get any milk. Everything what is needed is sold out at 8 pm. But 54 cm TV at 200 RON it’s a must for everyone. Although you have 6 at home, you need one right now.

We went on the 3rd day of grand opening, Sunday evening, to the Mall, the Polus Center. The Biggest! For 3 days because a bigger one opens in Ukraine. And Iulius Mall will be the second biggest, here in Cluj. All of these people have extreme wealth and consolidated consumer habits. NOT.

Every mall species was there, in a huge parking place and near the fountain.

We desperately needed one mall, or two, or seven. With famous brands at huge prices, with no sales and no special offers and with KFC. A kinda before 89 feeling in front of the KFC, where people kill, to get some globalization to go. Because there are no free places in the dining corner. Fancy caffes, this “let’s sit in the window” style is appreciated. But who cares, where do you sit in a mall that is not even in the down-town of the city.

A Japanese something called Geisha. If something is not Geisha, Harakiri (not Husserl Harakiri), Samurai, Bonsai or Tokyo it is not Japanese. To name a Japanese anything Geisha, means nothing else that the food fucks you, stylish.

“Eiii, Tony…The respesct, you know. The family, Tony” Gangster style gangster. Plazaboys and Girls, so nothing new. Kenvelo, Leonardo, give’em to the poor! Zara, New Yorker closed and 60% of the shops is unknown for me.

Carrefour, Domo and MediaGalaxy as huge as districts in Cluj. And people tend to use their shopping trolley in the shops with 1000 EUR watches, because they think it’s Metro or Selgros.

Why, I continuously ask myself, WHY a mall or two here? To be even worse here? To give a huge place to uneducated, low income butwannaspendthemallrightnow people? And for us bigger prices for normal brands and shout out: here, you have what you need! Well, no thank you!



Written by zoller

October 14, 2007 at 9:30 pm

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