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extinction of expectations

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Resident Evil 3: Extinction

I am absolutely disappointed. I know I will let down many people, but I was a Resident Evil fan, I mean I liked the first one (2002). I think it was for me, it’s not The Departed, Fight Club or The Fountain, but it was mine. I felt about this film like I felt for my wonder 6 in Maths in the second year of my university studies: weak, but mine! And the score: “dögös” like the 11th track from Sounds of Kourtrajme 2 Good, 2004 rota dpm – lopez.

From the total unsuccess of Waterworld (well deserved unsuccess), we know that whatever happens, fuck global warming, the future world will be sand and dust. So, everything goes back to Mad Max and considering the present oil prices the lack of fuel will be a problem.


So, we have Milla Jovovich and she should be enough to sell this movie, hope it won’t be. Some bizarre continuing of Conair with stupid zombies in Las Vegas, dust and sand again. And they use what is beautiful, again and again. Nothing new and nothing healthy. Although, most of Silicon Valley is Asian or Indian, here the afro-american people use the satellite and this is a constant. Which is not a problem, but it’s interesting that in this movie this should be a constant. As the soundtrack or more precisely the score of the movie.

The Umbrella Corporation hires somebody from The Ring and a twist is insured for the last seconds. But common, it’s not a twist. This movie runs and runs and you are not scared and not it the mood. Although, I wanted to get in the mood.

The big plus is that I am a leg-person. Not talking about women, talking about fight. Hate fistfights and weak kung-fu, the LEGS are important. And here we have it!

Nothing else fights just the legs!


Written by zoller

September 26, 2007 at 6:33 pm

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