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travel journal 6

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Day 11 and 12 (and a bit from 13): 6 and 7 August 2007 (and a bit from 8 )

“Lupta cu valuri niciodata nu se castiga. Fara chiloti.”

The last two days always go by like one. I’ve eaten struthio camelus. This would be the camel bird. The Greek calls it strutocamilo, so it is really close to the Latin terminology (I wonder why?). It tastes like beef or wheal. There was a cooked version with lot of red wine and a fried version. The fried version had an interesting smell and taste, which means it is a powerful meat. I do not recommend it as a restaurant try-out.


I’ve watched working a 303 Mercedes bus engine. It is the heart of the olive irrigation system. More than 80 ha of olive trees. They are like several people who do not know what they want, do not want what everybody else wants, but they are expensive and rare. Olive trees do not like when water is stocked in the ground. It takes more than 10 men and 2 month of work to harvest the olives. It brings something around 25000 Euros income for each family, a shared 5 tons/capita. The olive oil from this region is that consistent that the Italian importers make it 100 to 1 and sell it afterwards. This is why they hate Italians. It is a wonderful property with much perspective and it has it’s own irrigation lake (this is where they use the Mercedes engine).


Most of the children talk to themselves or with themselves. I guess the friend selection procedure at this age is more like finding those fellow children who act and say that you would say to yourself. If you take on more roles, you need more friends. But a two-character role-play all day long could be easily substituted with one friend. I’ve watched several episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and the first part of Lars von Trier’s The Kingdom. So I was into this hospital shit with different insights. So the experiment was the following: you sit in a chair on the terrace in front of the house; sometimes you let your head to just lean to the left/right; the child enters the role of a doctor and does everything to keep your head straight up; in 3 minutes you find yourself in a make-up and hairstylist seat and the only word you seem to understand is Kate Moss. And that reminds me of Butters: Whell, hey Eric! Should we play or just chit-chat for a while?


Last day waves made it clear that you do not need any jogging. It is a full time job to stay in the water against 2-2,5 m waves.

Getting back to Athens is really nice. Highway rules. And the further family is very kind, although the girls do not want to talk in English, because they are shy. So the boyfriend gets invited and drops by, he speaks and translates. The girls understand my English and I can figure it out what is that they are talking about (in Greek). So, theoretically his presence is useless, but it brings safety and he is a really nice guy.

No new words for this post.


Day 14 and 15: 9-10 August 2007

“Jumatate sunt pasivi. Iar cealalta jumatate: active.”

Nothing beats shopping in a Metropolis. You can find everything and the sales make you even happier. We went to a Mall that wasn’t huge, but contained everything that was needed. And I had my first visit at Starbucks. I am a genuine shopper. My morale during a shopping day is strongly determined by the things that I do not find or can not afford. But this didn’t happen today.


We started the day with a 40 minutes travel in air-conditioned busses and some kind of an U-Bahn that stopped for a while, reporting technical problems. A strategic move was essential for the day considering the presence of a little girl that might get bored in 30 minutes of shop-seeing-tour. So as a common effort, we bought her the Nintendo DS that she dreamed of. A pink one of course. But the game cards were extremely expensive. Luckily I found a cheaper one, the Sims 2 Pets. It is in English, but she seems to understand and like it. This act made impossible for anybody to interrupt my unconditioned shopping. And I was really successful. Unfortunately, as always, the shoe was a problem, because I did not find the right one. Shoes are interesting consumer goods: you have to fall in love with them right after you see them. It happened to me once, but after that I saw the price (it’s like when you meet a nice girl and turns out that she is a communist).


So we went to other shops in the down-town. And we changed the broken battery charger in an official Nikon shop. For professionals! Some parts of the down-town are scary, spooky or even more Scooby-Doo-ish. Full of immigrants (Romanians, Albanians, Pollacks and Pakistanis), junkies and whores (and pimps). No cover-up, just sitting and standing there. Special ambulance and police units for the junkies, everything that you want. But the interesting fact is: Pakistanis are considered to be peaceful, they do not do any harm – but in an illegal business such as prostitution, discrimination still exists – no Pakistani or Albanian is allowed into the bordello; the only the men Pakistanis emigrate, so they say that half of them is active and half of them is passive; they have no other choice. This half thing is funny: which half?

But otherwise it is a big city with a nice down-town. 4.50 for 1 hour of parking, but it is 17 near the Acropolis. So it has the prices of a big city. Back home I’ve observed that the negligence of a sales person left me with a beeper on my new jacket. So, this remains tomorrow’s task. Get it off!


It got off! In the afternoon with help of two friends who own a little (not that little) premium brand shop. And I found the shoe. And I found the kobolos. Kobolo is the traditional stuff that Greeks play with. On/with their hands. Everybody owns one, and you can see how important it is (or not that important) if you watch the last episode from the 2nd Wire Season. And I’ve got addicted, because it works. Keeps you thinking, focused and some say it helps the anti-smoking process. Bollocks! The factory outlet in Oradea sells Nike, Converse, some Calvin Klein. Here, D&G, Valentino, RL, Armani. I had a hard time there, but I was strong.

Two men are trying to put/set up the special trunk the Toyota Corolla Verso. It is funny to watch that it is a hard operation, but the results are good. A third man arrives with the necessary screws and everything is completed. Cut the grass and go to sleep!

No more today’s words, not learning Greek. Basic stuff I know, so it will be ok.


Day 16 and 17: 11-12 August 2007

“No ticket. No problem.”

I’ve decided not to write much about the route, it was beautiful. Full of highways. This means that from Timisoara to Oradea was the worst road, traffic and weather. You have to know that Greeks hate and do not recognize the Macedonian State. It’s history and genetics. Everybody hates them. The Macedonian State (Fyrom, Skopje as the Greeks call it) does not have the right to put stamps in a Greek passport. So they complete a little sheet of paper and that is your pass through Macedonia. We’ve got a ticket, but a bit of bribe made it 5 minutes. Otherwise it is impossible to pay on Sundays your ticket. So, all the sanctions are constructed in order to facilitate bribe. I saw 2 AMG SLKs, we ate again at Goodies (Greek fast food chain that kills McDonalds, because it’s better) and listened to the GPS (and of course, a 12 car Turk convoy was heading back to Germany). This is why we had to drive 13 km in a forest, but it was a 30 min minus. Always check the route on a real map as well.

So everything went well, the food was great in Evzoni and the air-condition still rules the 3rd millennium.

Last post. No more travel experiences. A short conclusion and summary comes tomorrow and unfortunately this sequence of my vacation is finished.


Written by zoller

August 19, 2007 at 9:55 pm

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  1. hey zolika,

    i really enjoyed reading your travel journal!

    greets from stuttgart,
    petra (remember me?!)


    August 22, 2007 at 2:03 pm

  2. Publicity works well. It’s an honor to be enjoyed and I remember.



    August 22, 2007 at 8:32 pm

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