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Day 8: 3 August 2007

“Nu-si dau seama ca statul sunt ei.”

It was Friday but nobody realizes this. It could be Monday as well. I am on vacation. But no mercy: early jogging, long swim and rationalized sun bathing. By the way: how stupid is to call a latino band No Mercy… Latino band with twins. Now, this is freaky.


I’ve stepped in gum. Melon (cantaloupe) flavored gum. The children stuff hunts me, but I am powerful and I will fight it. Near our afternoon sunbathing there is German couple (seemingly nice people, much more beautiful than the people here; they think I am Greek – Ehh, sihktir). They travel with an old Land Rover Freelander (and on the side is written: Sonst fahre ich Vespa!), a huge one. But it is that upgraded one for some associations. They play a lot with different stuff on the beach, but more interesting is the fact that they fly a kite. And they are learning it and it works well. And a Greek athlete (ok, he is a physiotherapist) living in the UK is assuring the companion for them. Here everybody has little dogs. No, no. They are rats that attack. I was very close to kill this little cockroach when it attacked. One little move on the arrogant son of worm and a cat and everything is done.


You should never use the Orange roaming. Or I have special problems or this Orange sucks. Sucks big time. No SMS, no Wap for a few days, extremely expensive roaming tariffs. What can you do? Just curse the Orange. The future is bright, the future is Orange – and I’d like to live in the past where everything is blue.


Today’s word: aetos – kite. But interesting word. In Hungarian, “sarkany” is for kite and dragon as well. Dragon is drakontas.



Day 9: 4 August 2007

“Se duc prostii, se duc dupa cancer.”

Jesus Christ. Today just food. Family meeting at the tavern that was full. Full of hungry and grateful malakas like myself. The guy is God on earth or Satan (Addison Montgomery-Shepard). I can’t write. I can’t think. I am happy that I’ve jogged today. I am afraid of my dreams. I will publish more posts together.

Today’s word: kamno ekrixi means to explode.


Day 10: 5 August 2007

“Nu muta nicaieri. Astia sunt prosti.”

It is really hard to write right now, because of the sand in my eyes after a great cappuccino on the hill at a nice Café (see it on the picture, for cat lovers). Today was the day of contemplation and wind.


First, the contemplation part: I have to change a lot of things. I am considering my options. The first option would be to rob a bank and buy a house here. If I get caught I should negotiate. Lifetime jail, but with 3 month vacation in my new house here. That would be OK. The other part of the reflection was linked to children. More correctly: I was considering undertaking the effort of trying to understand the children. I was working on a perfectly irrational system of thought and thinking in order to understand children. I must admit, I do not see any chance to manage this (not even a slight chance). It is a contradiction between system and irrational child thinking, but something has to be done. Some arguments: 1. today again: the same cantaloupe taste on my flip-flops (the other pair of “pantoflis”). 2. I’ve worked more than 10 minutes on a perfect sand beetle (the car, really “herbiesh”), but the children weren’t able to recognize it (different guesses like: is it a castle?, is it a castle?, it is a castle!).


After a bit of Miami Vice again, where the first part was really gentle, the waves became bigger (and the new Vodafone spot with Alonso came into my mind when I felt my face on my neck, but still couldn’t see behind). And that was the fun part today. Definitely.

The Greek society is a masculine one. Wives cook, stay in the kitchen and prepare everything and the men chit-chat outside. The women stay with the kids. Today was wavy-day. Everybody out, only the boys in. It is a free Jacuzzi for those who can swim. So, four grownup men (I consider myself a grownup) were “olllleeeeeeing” in the water waiting for the waves, jumping, swimming, spitting and laughing (one has a PhD, the other one is a teacher, the other one is a dentist and I haven’t seen the sea for 6 years). Olllleeeeeeeeeeeeee!


And the Swiss ass (or arse, to be British English): there is a Swiss guy who owns here a house and two boats. But he is not willing to pay the 20 EUR yearly fee for the harbor. And he does not tie his boat correctly. And the people here are really sensible when it goes to boats or fishing. These are real sanctuaries for them. They say about the people living here that they are very kind and friendly, ‘till you 1. Steal 2. Harm their boats or 3. You are an Italian. And they own guns.

Today’s word: the female detective from The Wire stands for wave – “kyma”.



Written by zoller

August 17, 2007 at 3:16 pm

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