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Day 6: 1 August 2007

“Daca prostii astia nu au caine, sigur ca e plin de vulpe.”

A relaxing day. Nothing else, but a relaxing day. Sunbathing, swimming and dining out. Nothing else. Really. Of course: jogging. Strange jogging because of the 90% humidity. I was drinking air, not breathing. I was sweating air, not water. It was awful, painful and short. Fuck emigrating to Malaysia. But I’ve learnt some things. A little girl pissed of by a young man will cause the III World War. In the water you shouldn’t ask for a reconciling “philaki” (kiss) and then splash once again. That means war.


And the allies like moms, should be against you. Little (and very lovely) girls do not understand the jokes and turn against you in a jiff. And their ammo is infinite (I will always remember one of the reviews on Terminator 3, where a huge minus was presented: if the Terminatrix changes her hands in weapons and uses her body as ammo, she should disappear in a few minutes). So you have to do penance.


But the coffee is good everywhere. For the first few days I thought I was just lucky. But now I know: cappuccinos, fredos and espressos are well prepared no matter where you are and what you ask. But there is a significant difference in coffee (for example a cappuccino is not hot chocolate like here, but fredos do not wake you up). The chicken is delicious with tzatziki (you should say zaziki).


The sun fucks you even when it isn’t on the sky anymore. Here, there is a little bit of sun in everything, even in your sun cream, sun glasses. So I strongly recommend Flamigel. It’s like mineral water when you have a serious hangover.

Today’s word: pusti – 1994 Korn Disc, track 6 aka. Faget.


Day 7: 2 August 2007

“El e cel mai bun. E artist in faiante. Nu iti preda nimic fara sa nu fie perfect. Isi iubeste munca.”

Everybody is loud here. And I think those who know me can tell that I hate loud people. Loud children are a nish-nish as well. But if you have your mp3 player on you and a decent volume control, everything will be fine. The children always shout (in a very annoying way): mamaaaaaaaa. And then nothing else matters. And they shout again. I should grow breasts, pretend to be mamaaaaaaaaaa and turn their power off. A little boy shouted 17 times with 10 seconds break. I was close to a Michael Douglas. Breakdown.


It was a windy day. Windy means over 60-70 km/h. But there is no more humidity. So the swimming was the toughie today, not the jogging. And at 5 o’clock happened something new: a cloud vs. the sun. And the cloud won. So sun bathing turned into reading on the beach in a bearable way. This procedure strengthened my wish to buy a house here and live here for at least 3 month.


The little girl likes The Doors. It’s like the global warming stuff going on in the world: we eat peaches in May instead of July. 8-year-old girls like The Doors, not the 14-year-old ones. Sad. I don’t like The Doors.

Noon catches us in Neapoli. And bad news has to come: the battery charger of the Nikon D70 that we are using broke down. Ehh shiktir and agamishu malaka. It is the integrated chip (or what the gamoto). So there is no chance to have it repaired and of course no chance to find one here. Maybe fellow travelers will help. Still bad news (not as bad as the first one): wedding invitation when we get back to Romania. Yipppie! I hate weddings, but this second cousin of mine is a nice guy with nice people around, so it will be ok, I guess. But it’s a traditional wedding. Ehhh shiktir. Vivat unconditioned drinking and eating.


Today’s word: caraghiosi – please don’t be this. He was a successful master of puppets, but he was ugly and clumsy. So when you mess up something or play with food or just do stupid and undesirable thing, you are caraghiosi. And it is strong enough to get you beaten up.



Written by zoller

August 16, 2007 at 8:44 pm

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  1. What’s up mates, its wonderful paragraph on the topic of cultureand entirely explained, keep it up all the time.


    February 24, 2013 at 6:03 am

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