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Day 4: 30 July 2007

“Minden, ami itteni bogyobol keszul: f*ngat!”

8 o’clock makes a healthy man. But right after the jogging you instantly need a coffee and some cigarettes. And a classical sequence of action follows: shopping, packing and going to the beach. This time calculated swimming and sun bathing. We don’t joke, because there are less than 9 days left. Two F-16 jets passed at a 30 m level during my health swim. Funny to see that everybody needs some practice.


Siesta! Above 40 degrees and 12 o’clock you die. So we eat and sleep. Some specialty made of something resembling the beans. It is very delicious. But the highlight was the dinner. After a nice swim and sunbathing, we had the necessary showers and went to the cousin’s tavern. It is a small place that has bakery, butchery and fruit shop as well. And this is where the magic happened. Excellent food for almost nothing. Excellent food in huge portions. Suflaki, pork, sausages, potatoes, salads, pastas filled with spinach and feta. The best supper I’ve ever had (so far). We were very close to explode, so the coffee came right along. Two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and a terrible sleep. Digesting during sleep is a tricky procedure.

Today’s word: malaka or malakia – the fourth most frequently used Greek word. There is a specific Romanian translation for it that is too harsh to write it down here. But this word melts and changes as you pronounce it. Right away. It refers to almost everything in a long and consistent cursing history. This is why is hard to translate, it is what you need in the sentence when you curse. Everything. Magic.


Day 5: 31 July 2007

“Sunt smochine care cresc pe cactus. Trebuie sa stii sa le cureti. Daca mananci prea mult iti astupa curul.”

“Aici si mormantul se face cu compresorul.”

“Daca tu gasesti acolo parcare fara amenda poti sa vii sa ne futi.”


This day began a bit earlier. No jogging just a brief coffee, GPS and 30 km of driving. We visited Monemvasia. The roads are very good (the quality), but extremely narrow and curvy. I was scared, I must admit. Although I have a considerable Colin McRae experience, this was something new. We traveled early in the morning, because Monemvasia is all about stones and rocks that implies that at 11 o’clock the heat is unbearable.



But it was worth each step and drop of sweat. We sweated out all the dinner and everything else. The castle is one of the two European castles that still have citizens who live there. Almost 7000 in the city and 200 in the Castle. Here, to buy land and build a house is practically impossible. 100 times the land prices and 3 times the construction costs, because of serious regulations: no car and no equipment should enter the castle, only the workingmen and donkeys.


Restaurants have to pay somewhere around 20000 EUR rent for a month and one of Greece’s most expensive properties is here: 20 million EUR, a small hotel with a special terrace on the sea. Wandering (wandering my ass, struggling) around (up and down) and taking pictures at 8 30 is healthy.



Oh, yes: this castle was impossible to take. But tze Germans bombed it and a German scientist stole a part of a special church chair that is made of egg white and some sticky glue. But he apologized. Tze Germans didn’t.


In an hour, I was in the sea again. Washing down the sweat. The evening was a family evening. Very nice people invited us to dinner. The food was delicious, but the Monte Cristo Habana cigar was the best. It took almost 30 minutes to finish is, but it was worth every piece of destroyed lung tissue.

Today’s word: castro – for today, double meaning – castle and Fidel.



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August 15, 2007 at 11:16 pm

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