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update on the pensions and aggressiveness

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One day and eleven hours and the last Harry Potter book will be released. Personally, I think J.K. Rowling will not kill Harry, because she lacks the “cohones”, although the reasons declared by herself (she kills Harry in order to block any further continuing possibility, for others) were consistent and serious. This event and the domestic politics are strongly linked. I will expose this briefly and then present some updates on the situation regarding the pensions.


…not the most recent…

Cast – will be easier for those who read the books or watched the movies:

On the bright side (I assume all the connotations):

Harry Potter – Traian Basescu

Ron Weasly – Theodor Stolojan

Hermione Granger – Monica Macovei (although, considering some sexual tensions between Harry and Hermione, maybe Elena Udrea would be a good choice as well, but Hermione does well in magic).

Albus Dumbledore – Gabriel Liiceanu

Remus Lupin – Gheorghe Flutur

Sirius Black – Emil Boc

On the dark side, the Death Eater Oligarchs:

Voldemort – Dan Voiculescu (it could be Calin-Popescu Tariceanu as well, considering the hatred. But if we think of the resemblance between the Horcruxes and the Antenas [TV], the choice is obvious).

Severus Snape – Calin-Popescu Tariceanu (although other traitors are available as well).

Lucius Malfoy – Mircea Geoana (a bit of a “prostanac”).

Peter Pettigrew – Ion Iliescu (a rat).

Beatrix Lestrange – Norica Nicolai

Just for the record:

1. Mr. Cosmin Gusa could play almost all of these roles.

2. No UDMR/RMDSZ member is in the list, because: they do not have any important tasks, they are the classic/compulsory Afro-American guest star in the movies (according to Scary Movie). The reasons are similar too.

And now about the pension law, just a few points:

1. I was wrong, the law was promulgated yesterday. The press declaration afterwards was shocking, because I did not understand the logical approach. The past 3 weeks of argumentation was as follows: I will promulgate the law if I see the resources (TB), I won’t be a partner in this demagogy (TB), We do not have the money (TB), A report on education (TB) –> yesterday: I promulgated the law, as I had promised, but I did not see the resources (TB), We have money, I found it, but the government did not (TB), They are all stupid (TB). This is why I was wrong, I thought there is a consequence of your declarations.

2. Why? 1. Good team worked and studied. Not promulgating the law now, would have caused serious electoral loss. In the last 2 weeks Mr. Basescu lost a few percents. So it was highly recommended to sign the law. 2. Constitutional problem: you, as a President, can not hold the law for years to sign. 3. If resent to the Parliament nothing changes – they vote and then it’s a must. And your image as President would be weaken again, because you are vulnerable to the Parliament (although on the long run this could have been an argument for a presidential republic…sic!).

3. The letter sent from the two ministers was a joke. We all know. They responded as the President asked.

4. It is a matter of institutions that we trust: the data supplied for the ministers is from the Romanian Institute of Prognosis. Mr. President uses other data. There are differences. Everyday, we have institutional crisis. Now, who do we trust? What data? Makes me sick!


1. It is more than sad that a debate on pensions and “leftist” policies and gifts has still the biggest impact. The first time when the President lost, could lose and acted not to lose. Nothing put him in this position. It is a very sad conclusion that still this populist shit “let’s give money” stinks the most! Strategic planning my ass!

2. About 2009 nobody talks, just a bit. Why? Because in the 2008 campaign PNL will present the data and will claim that they made this possible for 2009 as well. If you say it now, nobody will remember. Anyway, nobody remembers it!

3. As I mentioned the “s” word, I will wash off this shit, here:





17 days in Greece – hail for the noTV, noNET- Photos from here.

OFF TOPIC: Just yesterday, 650 prospective students filled in the application forms for “our” faculty. Charlie and the degree factory. Europe sells, stupidity comes…watch out! Sheeeeiiiiieeeett, as Senator Clay Davis said. A man that represents this whole post.



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July 19, 2007 at 1:42 pm

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