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nice planning in an innovative industry – tribute to LiveRail

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An ex-colleague of mine from the university, basically I didn’t know him and he didn’t know me, but after some activities observed I’ve linked the face and person to this past, has several projects that worth mentioning. The new project launched officially a week ago (unofficially a month ago on his homepage) is LiveRail. CEO present it as well.

It is an integrated advertising platform that combines recent consumer expectations, recent consumer behavior, recent technological developments and recent advertising strategies. So it is pretty recent. The design is very neat, clear and somewhere between the elegant-professional (fonts, shading, image use) and loose-player (colors [-black], positioning on the page), clearly related to the advertiser-publisher couple. The advertisers have a professional approach, they get targeted advertising and pay just the clicks – the real clicks, the publishers are the content providers who are much younger, loose and make a bit of money that is not essential for them.

Considering that these boys started the Trilulilu, mostly considered as the Romanian YouTube, with no advertising on it and with a monthly 4000EUR money infusion in the business, it was high time for the moneymaking. In 6 month Trilulilu gained value, but more important content. So the publisher side for Liverail is somehow developed (for the initial stage of the project). And this was the perfection in this planning.

When Trilulilu was launched, the argument was the domestic content. Now, they are going from the locally restrained level, back to the international level. But the first few month of content supply is given after this parallel development.


So, the concept is a very good one (the innovative character comes from integrating four or five new advertising concepts in one place), the launch and planning was very good (really good coverage on blogs and on the publisher side), it is easy to use (no specialist is needed in the advertiser organization) and to sell this service to the advertisers you need content and stats. Or maybe you do not need stats, because of the PPC method.

If realized by the viewers that watching the ad brings money to the publisher, there will be a boom in clicking, support clicking as I call it. And support clicking undercuts efficiency of targeted advertising. Mainly, this would be my concern.

But without concerns, a 10 for the initiative and vision and if I teach next year as well, I am absolutely sure that I will invite Sergiu to give an exhaustive presentation about online advertising. I think it would be useful.





Written by zoller

July 12, 2007 at 10:11 am

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