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summertime interests…3 days of mtzzmtzzmtzzz

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A few years of electronic reconfiguration brought me here. And this process is somehow parallel with the proneness of some DJs. They come to Romanian events. So I will be there as well. Killed the metal, just a bit of SOAD, Pantera or Coal Chamber. But they aren’t here, so I will cheat on them. Still unsure and skeptic about my music preferences, but some quality music arrived yesterday on my computer via. Soulseek (tribute to Imi), so electro rulez now for a few days.

21st of July, Timisoara – Houseparade (or something like that, but only Dutch trance): mostly interested in – Marcel Woods, Menno de Jong and Rank 1

26th of July, Tg. Mures – Penis-sula: mostly interested in – Tom Novy, The Model

27th of July, Tg. Mures – Penis-sula: mostly interested in – Ferry Corsten, Korai Orom.

Never thought of visiting such places (again), so I will be focused on the “spectatorship”.


UPDATE: all the mtzzzmtzzzmtzzzz is gone. I’ve made my decision. On the 26th of July I am flying to Greece. 12 days on the beach, a few days in Athens. Maybe a bad choice, but: naaaaaaaahh.

Written by zoller

July 10, 2007 at 12:05 pm

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