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Friday night Jihad aka. keyword “uşor, uşor”- an exclusionist narrative

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Oscar Club, Cluj-Napoca – 29th of July, line-up (maybe hyperbolic): DJ RARESH

Great impressions! As Norbert said, like a strong La Boum. At the early hour of 12 30 A.M, on the second attempt, we’ve got in. First attempt (teaser) was just information gathering from a huge bodyguard, eating his ass off, but still talking: “Yeah, yeah, there will be a party. But after-party (or after-hours, I do not remember it so well, couldn’t understand neither did he), so the party begins at 2-3 A.M. Yummy, Yummy.”


We went in: extremely dark on the inside, low personnel count – 1 bodyguard, 1 waitress and 1 barman. A significant number of four guests “spread” in the nicely arranged séparé. Clearly a lounge feeling embraces the place: video-projector that plays spots, especially car spots; mainly Seat spots. Just boys -> we freak out. Damn it, suckup, and another “special” party (2004-2005 Underground experiences darken are souls + the Hungarian jingle haunts my mind [Melyik Oszkár? Amelyik a seggedben motoszkál.]). But hallelujah, we were wrong. It’s special, because it is a birthday: 4th year Oscar anniversary. But we still keep telling each other that ‘till the first girl arrives, our confusion and safety is heavily linked. Wap-mobile check on the DJ (tribute to SPV C100) and we figure it out in 30 seconds that he is sitting at the nearest table, sucking on a Corona.

Ambient aspects: red and white colors, black curtains and blue lights everywhere. Really hard to find the toilet; it is quite OK, with modern aluminum sink. Expensive drinks with a very neutral waitress, maybe even below neutral: not interested in serving at all. But 20 seconds and we’ve got the drinks, there are cigarettes as well. People arrive, nice and fine cut bodies, young shaped heads with Pokemon/Sailor Moon (according to Norbert) haircuts, short pants, backpacks and eclectic T-Shirts, from figurative to non-figurative (but they all end up in being a simple T-shirt). First girl, a couple to be more precise, we are saved. Second girl, with a golden baseball cap. Yuukk. Maybe a gay party would be better than this cap – naaaahhhh. The “dance arena” filling up.

But the most important aspect of this little visit: during the events mentioned above, extremely good music, at a decent volume. A bit of minimal, sometimes industrial, spots of dramatic mixes, but with no vocal presence at all. But basically minimal, good quality minimal. Long time not heard in a club, music that plays my mp3 player on the bus. Two more rounds of drinks, smoking, but the main focus is on the music. Surprised, and really enjoying it.

We trespass the borders of the dance arena, slow and calculated intrusion is manifested by us. The dance arena was nicely populated, not full but still. DJ Raresh on the decks, no lights at all, Nokia beats darkness – they use the phone to enlighten the decks and they use the decks to enlighten us. No winamp, no computer, no cds. Live mixes, good flows, and good audience anticipation.


Dj Raresh

Gangs, returning customers, form clusters on the dance floor, specific crawling and beater moves. They definitely practice it at home. Sequential “whooowhooowhooo, yeeahyeaahyeaahs”, increasing number of decently drunken people, some of them maybe high, girls doing some electroboogie, but they walk, talk, act electro boogie, not dance. Some typically “manele” claps from 3-5 boys in the audience, hmmmm, sorry for them. The highs are a bit too strong, but after 10 minutes you get used to it. Sound quality becomes ok, the minimal techno rules the beats, and everybody seems to enjoy it. We do as well. !!!Most def.!!! Still battling with the question of too tired or too old; no matter who wins this battle the end is inevitable: a cold mineral water gets us going, around 3 o’clock, when the party reaches normality.

Fitze aka. traditional showoff” is a scarce resource here: those who act like d*cks usually are not taken into consideration, it’s not a tendency, it’s an exception. But this entire “partiable” crowd is zero. It’s worth going there because of the quality music and the light-loose atmosphere.



Costs: 20 entrance fee, nothing included. Mini beer 6, Coke-Sprite-Water 4, cheapest Vodka 4.5 (40ml) (they call it Standard, a good brand name for a low-cost vodka and keeps you thinking about Standard Oil), so you should either (1) drink at home – if you feel the need, or (2) go there equipped/loaded with at least 80-100 cash on hand.

Compared with dipsh*ts like Obsession (excuse me: Obsession, the Club) and After Eight (excuse me: Club and Lounge), Oscar becomes a strong competitor. No: it’s definitely a must and beats the above mentioned clubs like Eric Cantona the fans. The recent radio hits do not get 3 beats boost (clubbing facelift) and no club music is played – no soft-core blasphemies like Bob Sinclair and friends, DJ Otzi isn’t welcomed as well, no classics, no Jon Bon Jovi life and no songs that you recognize before even hearing it (by intuition). Everybody has her/his own cigarettes; no sweat stinks and burns in your eyes, normal perfume odeur, no massive pushing. Baseball caps and dragon ball z hair are likely to appear, some overstyled ones too, but not a tendency.

Recommendation: to Imi, maybe most interested in the clubbing/music/evolution scene in Cluj-Napoca, but Achtung: you will find 3 to 8 guys that are total resemblance. Maybe this decreases the morale and self-confidence, but the good music is worth (again and again). Neither carrot trousers on the girls, nor ultra-alternative style.

Regarding the title of this post – it’s a f*cking nightmare to find a normal party somewhere, a normal place in Cluj-Napoca; this is why I consider it a sacred struggle. And the “uşor, uşor” part needs no explanation: overheard from two alien ladies; biased conversation during the hard times to stay on their feet, move, drink, smoke, clap, and not to forget all these thinks (and even manage to get 3 lines and a title on net broadcast). The first one was the hardest for them, I am absolutely sure.

Overall conclusions: mucho mucho enjoyo, the place itself has a Mullholland Drive feeling, the lights and shapes, but the night had some Lost in Translation in it as well, because of the quality vodka tonic we’ve cherished.


P.S.: As one of the most important “+”, we could mention the total absence of former, ex- and actual students of mine there (maybe prospective students, but they will forget the links). There are very low chances for them to be there. Hmm, a perfect hideout should this Oscar Club be. My den! Minimal-den!


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