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predestined not to work

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This morning had one surprise on my way to the job. And one programmed event that I knew. I work in the “Babespark” (it sounds good) and I travel by tram. So there is a bit of traffic, but nothing that serious. But today, it was serious. I’ve figured it out that this will be the Nokia. The largest job-shop in Cluj-Napoca, people obsessed with the great fins,  3000 jobs (of course just 100 with those who actually hold a BA). So the Horia Demian Sports Center is full today; that many people are expected, that people enter the sports center in groups of 200. Like a zoo, or a crematorium. Trainings, presentation, great names. So this event leads to massive traffic problems.

And the surprise: U Cluj, the great not CFR, hosts in its stadium the Congress of Jehovah’s Witnesses (no incoming link from me – for that you have to work hard, door to door). I was a bit scared in the tram, I had that Dark City feeling. Nice people smiling. Happy people smiling. You never find happy people on the bus or tram in the morning. So I was suspicious and I was right. The stadium was full, Toi-tois made of wood (sic!), a bit of pepsi and a huge closed door in the middle of the stadium. The witnesses crawling in lines to practice the knocking. Of course, just the toi-toi and pepsi thing is true and real.

Conclusions: half of Cluj-Napoca is not working today in order to get a new job or to congregate. Why should I work?


Written by zoller

June 29, 2007 at 8:39 am

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