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I have serious problems with finding the right solution to publish this post on the English page of my blog. hopefully, I will manage to overcome this problem.

Just a short trailer or appetizer for jobs, tasks, implementation. What bothers me, keeps bothering me, will bother me, ’till measures are taken:

– I do not accept the following argumentation: but just look at others, they are doing even worse, so we do quality.

– I do not accept to write projects based on partnerships, where the partners weren’t even contacted. No discussion regarding the budget, activity preferences, interest or anything.

– I do not accept introducing ghost people in the project, just because that’s normal, they do not know about the project, they do not work in the project. And we shall be happy with that, because our project goes smoother without them. But their experience and CV is needed in order to get the grant.

– I propose the introduction of a special category in the call for projects, at the human resources chapter: responsible with great and powerful CV.

– I do not accept to violate programme objectives in order to fit the project goals.

These being said, I go back and work. Doing all the things that I haven’t accepted above. And smile, and keep thinking of the impact, beneficiaries and all the project addicted people. Screw the income from the project and the idealists as well; this is not normal, I tell you. But still, others do the same and they are much more stupid than us, so why let them to get the grants.

With much frustration, Zee.


Written by zoller

June 25, 2007 at 1:13 pm

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  1. That’s why I quit writing project proposals :-). And because I was bored to hell. Poor y’all, addicted, take my condolences… and take your keyboards and make a difference!


    June 25, 2007 at 1:31 pm

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